Why is E-commerce an Amazing Opportunity for South Africans?

One thing I have noticed about South Africa, is that we are a little behind the rest of the world with online shopping and e-commerce.

But because of that, it is an emerging and relatively untapped market and a GOLDEN opportunity for those that jump on it first.

The lack of people opening online stores means that there is less competition when advertising to the South African market, which means lower advertising costs and therefore lower upfront investment costs to get the business going.

Then there’s the international market, which is potentially HUGE money for South Africans, especially with the exchange rate ( eg. £1 = R18).

With such a bad unemployment crisis and stagnant wages, it only makes sense that South Africans start moving towards making money online.

And e-com is the perfect opportunity, as it is a growing billion dollar industry that is open to a worldwide market.

You can literally start your own store from anywhere and sell to anywhere – all you need is a laptop and internet connection.

It also gives you the flexibility to live wherever you want, which is a big plus for South Africans who want to emigrate because of the growing crime rates.

You also need very little investment if you choose eCom business models such as dropshipping or Print on Demand (POD).

Ace Reddy’s Course Gives You Everything You Need to Succeed!

When I first learnt about the world of e-commerce I was so excited at the prospect of making money online and ditching my terrible 9-5 job forever, but those dreams came crashing down when I went back and forth watching millions of YouTube videos and reading different info from various self-proclaimed “gurus”.

I knew it was achievable but I just didn’t know what path to follow to reach it.

And I just didn’t have the time or the money to test all the different contradictory strategies and methods that the gurus were advocating.

I constantly found myself “going down the rabbit hole” of information on an emotional rollercoaster, one minute feeling like I knew what I was doing and the next feeling confused, overwhelmed and stuck.

I started to feel as if building a successful store was becoming more and more unreachable and I ended up feeling really frustrated with it.

Honestly, the turning point for me was when I first came across Ace Reddy.

I had read loads of great things about him and people were always commenting on how amazing his course was in groups, but I was sceptical and not ready to invest any money in case it was a scam (I had been burnt before and wasn’t about to make the same mistake).

So I started following all the free information he gives out in groups and on his YouTube channel and was amazed at how much value there was!

There was so much useful information and he gives loads of guidance about what you need to do to be successful in e-com.

But I still felt that I needed a really structured step-by-step programme to follow otherwise, I would never take the jump and open my store.

So after a few months of listening to his advice and hearing so many success stories from totally different people about his course, I finally decided to give it a try and it has been one of the best investments I’ve made.

Not only did it set out a really simple to follow system, but it also gave me insights I’d never thought of and really easy innovative ways to increase conversions and scale fast.

And I’m definitely not the only one who’s a fan of the course. This guy has a huge following, with people constantly posting their success stories:

What’s Included in the Course?

As I said before, I was still a bit hesitant to buy the course but I was honestly blown away by how much value Ace packs in!

First of all, you get the “30 days to $10k” blueprint, that as you might expect, tells you exactly what to do to make $10 in 30 days!

This is everything from selecting a profitable niche, to finding winning products and setting up Facebook adverts that pull in your target audience.

This alone provides more value than you can imagine, but there are also other perks included. You will get access to the following:

  • 30 Days to $10k Blueprint: this includes taking part in the “30 Days to $10k” E-com Challenge!
  • Exclusive Access to Private Groups: you will get access to the Elite E-commerce Mastermind Members Area and Facebook Groups and Chat Groups
  • Exclusive Access to the Mastermind and Bootcamp: you will get access to the Elite E-commerce Mastermind 8 Week Masterclass Bootcamp.
  • Group Support: take part in the weekly Q/A with other group members.
  • Personal Support from Ace: you will get private 1-1 Coaching Calls


  • It’s designed for all levels – even if you’re a total beginner, if you follow the steps, you will build a fully functional and high-converting online store. You don’t need any technical knowledge, experience in e-commerce or marketing skills!
  • It holds your hand every step of the way – it gives you straightforward and actionable steps that are proven to work, including what Shopify theme to use, what apps convert the best, etc. This saves you time and money.
  • It demystifies the confusing world of Facebook – it literally helps you understand the mechanics and inner workings of the platform so you don’t throw unnecessary money down the toilet. It tells you the exact formula for success with e-com adverts and how to get a good return on your ad spend – how to set them up, which objectives to use, targeting techniques that work, effective copy and creatives, etc.
  • It is the most affordable eCom course out there – most expert courses will cost you $$$ and give you much less valuable information than you will find here.
  • It shows you how to effectively divide your time – It tells you exactly which activities you should be focusing your time on so you can scale your business and make the most profit.
  • There’s zero risk as you can get a full refund – if you don’t make money using the techniques in the course after 90 days you can get a full refund. I’m not a fan of paying for something without a clear refund policy and so this definitely gave me peace of mind.


  • It requires dedication – although the course gives you all the steps you need to build a successful e-commerce store, you still need to put in the hours to make it work.
  • May not be suitable for advanced e-com levels – if you have a lot of experience in e-commerce, you will find this is more targeted at people just starting out. However, it is packed with loads of innovative tips and strategies, so you will probably find there are a lot of methods in here you didn’t know about.


One of the main things I really like about Ace Reddy is he’s not trying to be a “guru”.

Instead, he’s on a mission to help budding entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

He is very accessible and goes out of his way to help you.

He also doesn’t mislead you with false claims or information, which is what I really respect about him.

I took a lot of e-commerce online courses (free or cheap) that promise the world, but in the end, they only give you an overview and never go into specific detail.

You have the framework but you’re left searching for ages to find out what’s the highest converting theme, what are the best apps etc, what actual system you should follow for Facebook ads.

This course quite literally hands a business to you on a plate and tells you every little detail you need to know about setting up your actual store, what other services you will need in the e-com microcosm and how to successfully leverage the right marketing channels, all of which will make you lots of $$$.

It will save you loads of time, money and confusion.

If you are driven, dedicated and follow the steps exactly you are going to without a doubt have a successful profitable store.

In the words of Ace Reddy himself “Nothing is hard, you just need to follow the right steps”.

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